NSS Elective Subject:Literature in English

English is the language of global communication. It is not only a powerful learning tool, a medium by which people gain access to knowledge from around the world, but also a medium through which they develop positive values and attitudes, establish and maintain meaningful relationships with people, increase their cultural understanding and expand their knowledge and world-views.

Curriculum Aims

  • To provide every learner of English with further opportunities for extending their knowledge and experience of the cultures of other people as well as opportunities for personal and intellectual development, further studies, pleasure and work in the English medium;
  • To enable every learner to prepare for the changing socio-economic demands resulting from advances in information technology (IT) – demands which include the interpretation, use and production of texts for pleasure, study and work in the English medium.

Curriculum Framework

The Compulsory Part
Getting along with Others, Study, School Life and Work, Cultures of the World, Wonderful Things, Nature and Environment, The Individual and Society, Communicating, Technology, Leisure and Entertainment
The Elective Part
Language Arts, Non Language Arts

Mode of Assessment

Public Examination
85%Paper 1︰Reading(20%); Paper 2︰Writing(25%); Paper 3: Listening & Integrated Skills(30%); Paper 4: Speaking(10%)

Interface with the Junior Secondary Curriculum and Post-secondary Pathways

By broadening and enriching students’ knowledge, skills and experience, the senior secondary English Language curriculum also provides a firm foundation for further study, vocational training or work. It opens up a variety of post - secondary educational and career pathways, particularly in the areas of media production, performing arts, teaching, business, law and social sciences.






考試年度出席人數中文作答5 級或以上2 級或以上